About Palais Auersperg

Palais Auersperg has a fascinating history, and today still plays host to countless events.
 Experience magnificent conferences and celebrations in Vienna’s oldest baroque palace.


Palais Auersperg is, due to its excellence and size, a much sought-after location. It is also a superb location for exhibitions, conventions, balls, banquets, film and photo production, concerts, matinees, congresses and symposiums. One of our main projects is to preserve and restore thise beautiful palace. The palace is, ultimately, an integral part of Austria’s architectural, artistic and cultural traditions, as well as being steeped in its own unique history.

Our traditions

Palais Auersperg has a long tradition of playing host to lavish occasions, glamorous soirees and political events as well: Mozart, Haydn and Gluck wrote musical history here, King Albert of Saxony was married, and even Emperor Francis Joseph attended balls in the palace. Austrian patriots from the resistance group O5 met in Palais Auersperg during the Nazi occupation and laid the foundations for a new and sovereign Austria.

Our strengths

  • Longstanding experience
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Attractive supplier conditions
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Professional management

Historical information

The Palais Auersperg was built between 1706 and 1710 according to the plans of the baroque architects Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach und Lukas von Hildebrandt and has, since that time, been a focus for European musical, political and social history: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Joseph Haydn and Christoph Willibald…

Our Team

Our highly experienced, professional and motivated team will support and accompany you during the preparations for your event, as well as assist you through the whole process; from your request, through its execution, right up until the billing process.

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You can count on us!

Our flexibility and practical infrastructure, combined with the charm of the baroque rooms and our team’s positive engagement, mean we can guarantee that your event desires will be made into reality in a smooth and professional manner.

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